Special Orders

Special orders

For special orders the minimum is 100 sheets .The sheets which are delivered attached to  10 strings with 10 sheets each string, the colors of your choice, is recommended that 1, 2, 5, or 10 colors  are used to distribute evenly in strings and not repeat some more than others. The paper is tissue but not ordinary is more like piñata paper  it is different than ordinary tissue paper in color and texture, also being tougher

The sizes are

15 inch x 13 inch Full Sized Sheet  approx This size is only recommended for places with very high ceilings

11 inch x 9 inch Half Sized sheet  approx  This is the most common and widely used size of all

1/4 Sized Sheet 14 inch x 10 inch This size is better for not so high ceilings

1/8 Sized Sheet 7 inch x 5inch approx  This size is not recommended for designs with more than 5 letters

Measurements are when the sheet is complete, after cutting the outline design reduces a bit.

Prices per hundred sheets in different sizes are
Full Sized Sheet $ 300 dollars delivered in 10 strings of 7 meters with 10 sheets each.
Half Sized sheet$ 150 dollars delivered in 10 strings of 5 meters with ten sheets each
1/4 Sized sheet $ 125 dollars statement delivered in 10 strings of 3.5 meters with 10 sheets each
1/8 $ 100 dollars statement delivered in 10 strings of 2.5 meters with 10 sheets each
There are several things to consider in order to expedite your order,
Design: Whether a logo, picture, drawing, it is convenient to have it ready to send by email or you can choose one that are on the page, such as the wedding designs,  some people ask for the border of one desing with the center of another simply by changing the initials or names of the bride and groom.
The  Placing Examples section  can give you  an idea of the amount you may need.
To start working your order we require 50% deposit,   50% of whatever you ordered on paper,  the paper will be made by hand in Mexico also so you dont have to pay the shipping from Mexico you must make your order within the first fifteen days of each month, to receive your order at the beginning of the next month. (for example if you place your order on January 15 you will be receiving it until beginnings of February.)  You will be paying for the shipping only within the USA your order will be shipped at the beginning of the month from our office at Berkeley California. The shipping within the USA will be made by Postal Service unless you like it some other way you can ask for it and we will arrange for it.